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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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northeast ohio a monday morninges in the city the 15th day of february.he it is the day after valentine's day hopefullyt things went well for you.e my name is wayne dawson. scott sabol has a look for i was grilling. that made the kids have to have family cap life. forecast is a great even though the forecast is in all that heavy. egh notice again the snow showers moving to the north as theo temperatures will start to goo backup right now were in 19 in cleveland thinly under mostly cloudy skies further south a couple of temperaturese cloudy incl north olmsted and 19th with 179t and north madison and pain soan
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the deep, deep south arkansas and tennessee is another will develop it will start to track further northeastisi and eventually deepennt as it moved into western pennsylvania will bring temperatures up it's also quite to bring init some snow for theor bigger question is how much too easy. see somewhat snowow overnight tonight the pic question is who willr see the most of it it will bewi primarily across the eastern half ofea northern ohio during the day today if you've been on andngnd off snow showers primarily this morning otherwise relativelyly quite to melt until mid- evening when temperatures drop. after an okay start the no space are wetk and could be a little slick as the precipitation is out an appropriate we have the vehicleecat has been here a while covered in snown that right laner
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77 as you had towards 55th you can see right there their votes are wet and crews have been called out they are treating the serviceseiwe no problems whatsoever the drive times indicate that weeks pretty noble were doing on our presidents' day monday. a quick 12 from 82 into the turnpike before an 80 year averaging over 60 miles per y topping our headlines shows the climate is coming to clevelandcl and teaches the daughter of hillary clan will be in town today jessica dill is life withi the preview of the event. good at morning everyone will kill campaign season is underway and families to come u a big partb of it today we get a visit from the hillary clinton's daughter potential be right here inli cleveland today.
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primary voters about her mother for make a difference for family has president and what is at stake inat this election hillary clinton is currently on the campaign trail and nevadacu they're looking to can do for early voting here that will helpor at 2:00 p.m. and doors will open up one 30th according to theg ceo of the center a local caps on rented the space up to telle fark say they'll all the tickets are. heic can't get in any more fox 8 will be following this throughout the day so stick with us and for any updates.da thank you. ohio is planning to vote nexte month primary will have until tomorrow to register for global
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electionon early voting in ohio thing start on wednesday.ed search continues this mondaym morning for cleveland man wanted in connection to the deadly shooting down in akron they say the 31 -year-old and 2010 and gunned down and then a north howard street they have a warm for his arrest and officers describe him as armed andme dangerous they say is 5,000 dress for5, sunday's 97th street in cleveland anyone with information on over at this askedv to call police. brooklyn police say a 4848 -year-old man was driving east in the westbound family feelingf crashed into a car driven by a 20 years old on their bridge road a run for 40:00 a.m. she died at the syria police have not releasedh the names of those of both the mail driver's condition is unknown it's
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could faceu stacy fry is here with more on the proposal. >> it is not a popularity up ifif it's one that sam from police ispo entirely necessary a look atat which past two years of provided only enough to pay for two threet full-time officers and they should be fixed it lots are toa the situation with department it
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residents don't like it.h that would cost $836,000 staff. it is $35,000. it will get someone on patrol 247 along with the police substation located in the third t and other things they committee can't afford such as detectives to investigate any serious crime for any final decision is made. to see you never want to see there at the same thing we're talking about a budget is injured $2 millionon in debt six full-timeeb that the lot of money outh of one pitch appeared your time not is 5:06 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead that unexpected passing of the supreme court
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between p what they are urging some colorado homeowners to be careful before doing any thinking.wnwn we should be our forecast will have ad few isolated snow showers primarily of this mythic element are the temperatures going
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very early on
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a little field love that so thoughtit and the background let's check in with scottg sable.ab we do weather and traffic every eight minutes.n there is this that it just a quick mover future cleveland heavier snow to the east of the hudson snow over the western basin of lake erie.e south of the turnpike not much it looks like a relatively quiet commutey heading up to the fourth-down and 50 through portions start countynd were not going to have much in the way for you should continue to climb out towards earlier in the should be into the lower andan middle 30s thing this afternoonon there's that light
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sfr pick concerns that's what's coming int' later on this eveninghi notice the temperature in cincinnati 24ng were going to haveh the storm tracked the panhandle low desert, we get into the tail end of filming and again more of that will affect the rest of thee winter outlook a couple weeks backck through western pennsylvania statero from the western fringe of thism winter we see snow it won't be a fluffya snow through wet snow here is a look at temperatures climbing intok the middle 30s during the
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will be relatively light s fromom west to east's heavier snow closer to pennsylvania most ofm the saws overnight tonight and by tomorrow
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frequent fire saturday could touch 50 fed and the speak in most of the snow should be history. tk a 13 minutes after 5:00 a.m. is your weather and traffic is every eight minutes and it was nba all-star jam will look back at that ramp rocking record shattering performances. as we had to break e's a live look at the end about bridgea patty harkin will be path with a
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presidents' day
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welcome back. traffic moving nicely we can'tw speak for the rest of northeast ohio bags and bags of cash a lot of green here despite the rapid they're havingofpi business look stuff on the freeways this it out and about so we are good to go this is a peek at the jennings freeway a this is for 80fo
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there are treating the services if you remember there that's great news. for penny higher 145. go to our website and hopefully you click on that you will see lower gas prices in your neighborhood.llll thank you very much shocking news out of washington over the weekend as a supreme court justice is found dead just cisco heci had died of natural causes and west texas todd meany is life in the newsroomrae he died at the age of 79 branch of theth martian show the respect that he
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president ronalda reagan the first italian-american justice to sit on the court and a staunch conservative voice he wrote the opinion major cases in recent years including the affordable healthcare as tributes poured in from even though they didn't always agree with his appointments.en not just legal my just original guyus his death touch enough fore political firestorm has is a chancece for over on the two-point this third supreme court justicehe republicans holding a majority in the senatete will likely traded to late and new supreme courto
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november's election it's unfortunate that much of the topth is all happen after his death is just honoring the man within on the bench for 30 years thousands ofou worshipers are gathering in the southern state of mexico to prepare for a visit from saint francis pope st. he described drug money as wellwe which taste of pain he later stopped at a pediatric hospital mexico city to create thousands ofdial sick children to mississippi the suspected of shooting a police officer in the headiss are behind bars this morning they say the alleged shooter and have partners surrendered last night he was shot was getting out of his car here the robbers in his
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i'mm bullet remain large to the spring they say he is a fighter. a man was hit in the torso was hit in the laker on the same time they believe the shots came from her carth going north on the bridge it appears to be a friend in case both peoplei who were hit are okay. dozens of homeowners out septembery will be keeping letters this week seen military militias w they been married in their yard. they're asking residents for permission to check the recordsds they say most of what may be left behind should no longer be active. 5:20 a.m.
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head over to to vote for the next fox 8 cool schoolvo will announce the running school on thursday and feature them next week on fox 8 news in the
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happy monday it's a cold weekend. without some snow on the label get to scott in a few seconds t let's get right to scott seett what's happening weatherwise and hope with this frigid spell be broken. the drawback is that even though temperatures will be driving t lower today's we're stunned to dissipate as another wave of s snow to this will be general
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more hit and miss. before that winter storms develop later on tonight. otherwise mostly cloudy and


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